Belmont, CA –  June 2014


Project Profile:

Autobahn Motors (Sonic Automotive) installed the MyDealerLot Zonal system in their dealership to help enhance the client experience, speed up customer delivery process and help the dealership recognize where cars are during their massive construction. They are also using it as a guest perk added to their new state of the art facility that is currently under construction

With the MDL Zonal System Autobahn is able to recognize where customer and inventory vehicles are at all time. With the MDL Zonal System they are able to see the following Chokepoints for their Dealership:

  • Dealership Entrance
  • Service Drive
  • Upper Back Lot
  • Back Lot
  • Car Wash
  • Customer Parking
  • Dealership Exit
  • Annex Tech Bay In
  • Annex Tech Bay Out

With the MDL Loaner software Autobahn Motors has the ability to call a client’s cars as soon as they arrive in the service drive with their loaner vehicle. This helps conquer a quicker delivery time by initiating the porters delivering the client car before the clients loaner has even stopped in the service drive.  With this information the cashier and service advisors are able to locate paperwork and finish any final tasks that need to be done before the client comes in the door.  This allows for the client to have an accelerated check out with little to no wait time.

On the sales side with the MyDealerLot; messages are sent to all sales advisors with notifications through email or text when one of their clients enter the drive. This helps each individual sales advisor to keep the relationship with all of their clients by meeting them in the drive, acknowledging them by name and giving them a true WOW factor!  With the use of MDL’s Advance Alert and Integration with Auto Alert, sales advisors and management are able to research details on potential up sells or trade in’s to help catch the low hanging fruit that is found on the service drive.

In addition the MyDealerLot system is helping Autobahn Motors to become a place where all their clients feel welcome and known. This in turn gives them the trust in the dealership to take care of all their automotive needs from here on out!

If you are ever in the area, stop by for a visit. The place and staff are incredible and have it figured out.


MDL Software Utilized:

  • Service Drive Concierge
  • Zonal Tracking
  • Advanced Alert

Deployment Gear:

  • One (1) RFID reader for Service Drive Concierge
  •  3 MDL standard antennas
  • One (1) RFID reader for Dealership Entrance/Exit
  • 4 MDL standard antennas
  • One (1) RFID reader for Customer Parking/Upper Back Lot
  • MDL standard antennas
  • One (1) RFID reader for Back Lot/Upper Back Lot
  • 4 MDL standard antennas
  • One (1) RFID reader for Car Wash
  • 1 MDL standard antennas
  • One (1) RFID reader for Annex Tech Bay In/Out
  • 2 MDL standard antennas


Partner Products Fully Integrated with MyDealerLot

  • TSD
  • Auto Alert