MDL Bloodhound™

MDL autoMation’s revolutionary solution to inventory lot management.  Using state of the art IoT (Internet of Things) technology,  Bloodhound™ provides real-time GPS-based location, extensive fleet battery management and event alerts.  No expensive infrastructure is required.  No cell phone connections are required.  No manual pairing is required.  Simply plug the Bloodhound™ device into the OBD-II port and have real-time access to the VIN, location and vehicle status

Our Approach
Floor Plan Auditing

MDL also provides Floor Plan Auditing.
Some of the specific abilities include;

~Provides a fingerprint for each Bloodhound vehicle
~Displays the last time a vehicle sent an update
~Option to focus on vehicles that haven’t checked in
~Reduces the amount of time spent finding cars during audits

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