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Bloodhound™ Vehicle Location


Cars Have Wheels…

If only cars sat on blocks and did not move, then finding cars would be easy. But they have wheels and tend to move around on a dealer’s lot on any given day.

Whether we are talking about retail inventory or service vehicles,  getting your hands on that car when you need it without wasting time walking around is key to being productive and preventing a customer or sales prospect from getting frustrated. Put yourself in their shoes “you mean you can’t locate the car?”

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Bloodhound™ Bluetooth Beacon Technology

img_2295Automated (non-manual scanning) vehicle location systems for open lots have always required serious levels of costly computer infrastructure to support such as bridges, power, data, or proprietary Bluetooth hardware. We started with a simple premise when designing Bloodhound™ to create an industry first solution with NO infrastructure ‘dead weight’ that would drive up cost, create big support needs, and be a pain to engineer and install.

With Bloodhound we have accomplished that with a simple to install and low cost solution. MDL’s solution requires none of the ‘baggage’ like other competitors will tell you that you need.

We use three ingredients to make it all happen: 

Bluetooth Beacon on Car from Rear View Mirror + Bluetooth Reference Beacon
on Light Pole or Wall +
IOS or Android Mobile App Trilateration
img_2192 img_2204  mobile

How it Works

bh1MDL’s backend vehicle location algorithm technology for Bloodhound™ is the “secret sauce” of what we do and how our competition can’t. This technology is used today by the Department of Defense, hospitals, and convention centers to perform asset location. Dealerships use a simple association method to pair a VIN to a Bloodhound beacon and then simply slip the tag around the rear view mirror.

Anyone at the store with MDL’s mobile Bloodhound™ application active in the background creates a trigger for updated vehicle locations simply by walking by any car within about 15 feet. MDL does this without using GPS which can negatively impact a users battery on their phone. Vehicle location can be viewed with the dealership’s overhead map created from Google Earth, CAD layouts, or custom MDL built location maps.

Once the vehicle is sold, the beacon is simply removed and ready to be paired to the next stocked in vehicle. The low cost of the beacon coupled with a 2 year battery life with battery indicator means that your system keeps on working for you without a maintenance headache. The batteries are very low cost and can be either changed out by the dealership when low or sent back to MDL for change out using a Netflix™ style maintenance program.

Bloodhound™ for Retail Inventory Tracking

Bloodhound™ for Sales provides sales staff with the ability to locate a car on any monitored area of the dealership lot or even off site lots. No independent power is needed making it a perfect solution for dealerships with cars spread out all over the place. Vehicle tagging is made simple through our certified DMS connection which works with both online MDL and via our mobile application. Mounting is also made easy with a very simple elastic mirror wrap around.

Bloodhound™ for Sales will save your staff valuable time for either inventory reconciliation, locating a vehicle for detailing, or demoing a vehicle.

Bloodhound™ for Service Vehicle Tracking

Bloodhound™ for Service provides service staff with the ability to locate any guests service car using a reusable hat tag with an attached Bloodhound™ beacon.

The biggest benefit with this approach is how the beacon is programmed with the same number as the hat tag. With that being the case, you can simply grab a hat and place in the car for INSTANT tracking without having to actually “pair” the service beacon with the VIN.

Bloodhound™ Drone Edition

Click to See Video

Click to See Video

Be the first on your block to use a drone for physical inventory. Bloodhound™ Drone Edition provides clients with a drone with a pre-programmed flight plan with smart phone attachment to perform automated inventory location updates during non-peak traffic hours.

Inventory exception reports with beacon aging can be produced to help you focus on locating the vehicles not scanned.


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