Project Profile

Location/Date: Chicago, IL – August 2016

This brand new amazing service center opened in August 2016. MDL was in the prior location on Goose Island for Mercedes-Benz and downtown Chicago for Audi. This Fletcher Jones store uses the complete suite of MDL solutions which include:

  • Service Drive Concierge
  • Zonal Tracking
  • Dispatch Master

The new store is one of MDL’s largest deployments to date with a dual service center with a centrally installed set of High Gain antennas at the facility entrance (guard building) as the guest drives in. MDL’s sophisticated software is able to separate identity by brand and message to the appropriate brand Service Advisor. And for Sales, MDL messages to the Sales team with all relevant equity level data to the assigned Sales Advisor.

MDL’s Zonal Tracking means that every floor has MDL RFID antennas allowing store staff to always know the complete bread crumb trail of movement for the service guest’s vehicle and even inventory vehicle. On opening day, this facility had over 50,000 guest vehicles RFID tagged and ready to be recognized AND tracked WITHOUT any human intervention. Now that is a way to make a 1st impression!

For vehicle movement in such a large facility, Fletcher Jones turned to MDL’s Dispatch Master tool which is fully integrated with loaner returns and Zonal Tracking to enable a speedy delivery of the vehicle from point A to point B. In short, this enables a clear reduction in vehicle delivery times enabling a 5 star level of service!

During the transition, Fletcher Jones carefully looked at all market options available including GPS solutions and other tracking systems. Yet, they remained with MDL for a number of reasons including our incredible suite of integrated solutions for both Audi and MB USA such as Digital Service Drive.


Partner Products Fully Integrated with MDL

  • TSD for Loaner Management
  • AutoLoop service tablets
  • Kaarma for Customer Interaction Management (CIM)