Integration Overview

This integration pairs AutoAlert’s customer sales alert information with the automated arrival and messaging technology provided by MDL’s RFID technology.

How It Works

Each evening, AutoAlert runs an analysis on your store’s book of business to determine high alert customers.

An Alert customer can be categorized into the following opportunity categories:

* Alert Customer

* Contract End Alert

* Mileage Alert

* Flex Alert

* Warranty Alert


These customers’ information is electronically transmitted to MDL in preparation for the current day’s arrivals in the service lane. When customers arrive, the MDL system matches (by VIN) any RFID-tagged vehicles or LPR captured plates to Alert customer information, which triggers a special Alert notification that is immediately sent to your sales team. This gives sales advisors a “heads up” on potential sales opportunities, while empowering them with useful information to help close the deal.

Key Benefits to Integration

The integration takes the best of both MDL and AutoAlert’s solutions to provide sales opportunities to the team the moment Alert customers pull into the drive. This has been made possible with the combination of LPR & RFID technology and AutoAlert’s comprehensive analytics solution. In short, there is no other combination of products like this in the marketplace that provides each of these benefits:

  • Alerts arrive to sales staff without delay, ensuring the customer is still in the drive by the time sales staff can reach the service drive.
  • MDL does not need appointment data to send Alert notifications.
  • Even if salespeople miss the ‘morning drop-off’ opportunity, they have a second chance for a face- to-face interaction during loaner returns, as long as the RO or Hat # is entered during the TSD contract opening.
  • Embedded information in Alert emails provides fast access to the deal information, allowing the salesperson to “print the deal and go” straight to the service lane.
  • Messages can be sent to a targeted internal recipient such as the F&I Manager or Warranty Manager.
  • Consolidated X days in advance allows preparation by the salesperson for a customer’s arrival.

Notification Types

There are two types of emails containing Alert data which MDL generates:

The “I’m Here Right Now” Alert notifies staff the moment the vehicle pulls into the drive.

The Advanced Alert informs staff of upcoming service appointments for Alert customers. These can be either tagged or untagged vehicles.

Who Is Notified?

Any team member can receive notifications—as long as they are set up as an MDL user. Users can elect to receive email and/or text messaging, both of which indicate the Alert status of an arriving guest.

“I’m Here Right Now” Notification – EMAIL

Because of character limits in text messages, only email notifications provide specialized messages to the user.

Advanced Alert – EMAIL

An example of the Advanced Alert notification email appears below. Notice that you can click on the Sales Advisor and edit the assignment as needed.

When MDL is setting up your dealership’s settings for receiving notifications, you can ask us to customize the following Advanced Alert settings. Please note that these settings occur at the dealer level and cannot be adjusted for individual users.

  1. How many days’ (2, 3, 4) appointments you want to see in the email.
  2. What makes to include in the email.
  3. What days and time to send the email.