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Today cameras are everywhere. The vast majority of LPR applications revolve around traffic monitoring or use by law enforcement.

LPR usage in the retail automotive sector has been practically non-existent for one very important reason.

Industry solutions that tap into the DMS for license plate cannot effectively work since the license plate number is an inconsistent data element in the DMS.

MDL has taken a different approach which allows us to provide LPR technology combined with our Service Drive Concierge™ product at a very low deployment cost. MDL accesses a national database of DMV records with the plate to simply retrieve the VIN and nothing more. This avoids any privacy issues and allows us to convert the plate to complete guest identity using our DMS access in under 4 seconds in a true cloud environment.

MDL is fully certified with all the top DMS companies such as CDK Global, DealerTrack, and Reynolds & Reynolds.