img_7522Automated Guest Recognition

MDL’s Service Drive Concierge™ is the most successful product in automotive for instantly recognizing your service customers from the moment they arrive enabling you to begin a 5 star level of personalized service and sales interaction in order to increase retention, improve processes, and consummate more sales from your service drive. Download brochure

Minutes Matter

stop-watchWhen a customer pulls into your service department, the tiny clock inside their head immediately starts ticking. Every time they have

to tell a greeter their name and appointment only to have to repeat it all to a service advisor, every minute they spend waiting for a car wash to be completed or a loaner brought around, every precious second wasted–it all adds up. The result: Another bad consumer survey and a hit to your CSI.

With Service Drive Concierge™ from MDL autoMation (MDL), you can make the most of these precious minutes by making customer interactions much more personal and engaging, reducing service process times by as much as 12%, and cutting vehicle pick-up times by up to 60%.

Relationships Don’t Just Happen

mobileThe most successful Sales Advisors are those that don’t wait for the ‘up’ to drop in front of them. Instead, welcomethey realize that the key to long-term success is based on building your book of business and truly building a relationship with every customer.

That does not mean just sending the customer a birthday card once a year. Instead, it means doing everything possible to interact with their customer every time their is a potential touch point.

For MDL clients, we create those touch points with instant alerts served to the Sales Advisor with all relevant deal data and information on potential trade-up opportunities.

How does MDL take it even further? By integrating our arrival and complementary car wash messaging with great Sales Analytics tools such as AutoAlert and automotiveMastermind.

The Ritz Carlton Knows it Works

greetingBesides having great luxurious hotels, what else is the Ritz Carlton known for? Personalized service with every guest interaction. They have built a reputation for knowing your name and personalizing the experience every step of the way.

Your customers likely spend a whole lot more money on their car than staying in a hotel. So what’s holding you back from creating this same experience?

Nothing as long as you have a motivated staff and MDL guest recognition technologies. It’s what we do.

It’s 5% of What We Do

welcome-backwheelMDL was first known as a ‘fancy greeter board’ and that was not far from the truth back in 2009. We have been doing this for 7 years now and the product has grown an immense amount in this time. We recognized early on that we had to provide an OPEN platform of integrating identity with all the top tier software categories in the industry. That is what we have done and what our competition cannot offer.

Today, Service Drive Concierge™ is a product that provides equal value in Sales and Service. For the process oriented store with a strong management team, it will impact your service operations and make you money. Don’t take our word for it. Hear it from one of our long-term clients Audi Coral Springs.

Never Stop Improving

integrations-logoAt MDL, our job improving our products is never done. MDL produces new product releases every 2 weeks and is always working to improve our product through feature upgrades and new integration partners. How does our product always get better? Through the great ideas of our clients who we see in person on a regular basis. So if you want a company that is truly a partner and not one that disappears after the sale, you can stop looking any further.

No other company has more experience or a better reputation for incredible customer service than MDL. Call us today and give us a chance to earn your business. You will be glad you did.