Case Study: Audi Coral Springs

Project Profile:

Service Drive Concierge™ Case Study
Coral Springs, FL – January 2012


Predict the optimal time to present customers with special vehicle offers in the Service Drive.


Use MDL RFID technology to quickly & accurately deliver real-time vehicle information to the Service Drive Concierge team.


Integrating MDL’s RFID technology with our equity management tool & process increased vehicle sales 10-15% each month, (15-20 units each month)


In January, 2012 Audi Coral Springs installed Service Drive Concierge – RFID Edition to increase customer satisfaction & loyalty through a superior, personalized service experience.

“For Audi Coral Springs, having a guest’s identity instantly communicated via RFID to our sales team allows for a rapid response time, versus without the system. Sales Advisors immediately receive alerts from MDL via email and the MDL mobile application which is then used to present on-drive upgrade opportunities. This system combined with our Service Concierge staff easily accounts for an additional 15-20 units sold each month. When you utilize this system as it is designed, the return on investment is proven and consistent,” said Bret Macy, General Manager of Audi Coral Springs.

Employees at Audi Coral Springs know their customer’s businesses earned, & each interaction represents an opportunity to build trust and delight with their customers.

MDL Automated Guest Recognition technology immediately provided customers with a superior, personalized service experience by increasing employee productivity, which directly translates into additional time servicing the customer’s needs.


Owned by the Qvale Automotive Group, Audi Coral Springs is a Magna Society Honoree acknowledged for outstanding customer satisfaction, & one of Audi of America’s largest volume dealerships in the U.S.

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