Platinum Automotive Support & Services

Clients routinely tell us that they have never worked with a company with such great support. Our support staff are truly responsive when you need help. Of all reported issues, 96% are resolved the same business day.

Our automated system monitoring has been engineered into our products to automatically report on site issues with any installed MDL equipment. Readers and antennas are both constantly monitored and capable of automated text messaging of issues within minutes of an encountered error.

In addition, with national technician presence, on site help is available for any equipment or installation issues. Don’t just take our word for it, ask our clients!

On-Site “Tune-Ups”

MDL Performance Managers assigned to your account will visit your store on a periodic basis for process retraining and overall on-site support. MDL does not ‘just disappear’ after the sale. It’s part of our DNA to make sure we stay top of mind both with on-site and remote support.

Total System Monitoring

MDL automated error reporting alerts our support center for any perceived equipment issues usually before a client is even aware

Phone / Email Support Services

Monday – Friday: 7am – 9pm EST
Saturday: 7am – 4pm EST for Priority one/critical outage issues

User Configuration

Support service for MDL to keep all users up-to-date in MDL

Webinar Training Services

On demand training of new store employees via webinar

DMS Feed Alerts

Support receives alerts for any DMS feed that is not providing data to MDL at defined time intervals

MobiControl Android Scanner Support

Complete remote access support and upgrading capabilities; also provides sync problem indication


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