Proprietary MDL Methodology

Predictable & Repeatable Results

MDL has spent many hundreds of hours in developing our proprietary planning and deployment methodology. This unique road map consists of over 300 unique steps executed in carefully planned sequences. During the execution of the project, MDL provides numerous deliverables that ensure predictable and repeatable results. Quite simply, we ‘plan the work’ and ‘work the plan’.

Our MDL methodology is focused on managing change in your organization and ensuring that what is deployed becomes a permanent part of your daily operations. We incorporate considerable training and benchmark operations throughout your engagement.

Setup Services
Engineering and Installation

MDL provides ‘turn-key’ solutions which include expert engineering to get your system running and fully tested in minimal time. We implement the required MDL infrastructure, assist in initial inventory & loaner tagging, and perform a complete end-to-end test before “turning over the keys” to you.

Training Services

We understand that keeping the solution simple for the user is key to adoption. We provide on-site training, documentation and any required “hand-holding” to ensure 100% success and satisfaction.