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How to RFID Tag a Vehicle with a Mobile Device:

What is the Customer Recognition Index™ (CRI™) with regards to RFID tagging as depicted in the above videos?

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“CRI” stands for Customer Recognition Index. Put simply, this is the number of service vehicles, for the given time period, that will be recognized by the MDL system upon their next visit to your store. This is an easy-to-understand metric that provides insight into the success of your tagging efforts and its impact on the recognition of customer vehicles.

The formula that generates the number is:

                                     (# of Cars Tagged Before Visit)+(# of Cars Tagged During Visit)
                                          —————————- divided by———————————–
                                                         (Total # of RO’ s for Time Period)

Newly live clients start off with low CRI’s, since few customer and inventory vehicles will initially be tagged. As more cars are tagged over time at your dealership, the higher your CRI will be and the less you will have to tag each week. We recommend achieving a CRI of at least 90%.

Having a high CRI means you can take full advantage of the MDL system. This of course means less time for your customers, and an increase in sales opportunities for you!