Innovative Technologies Today

MyDealerLot™ (MDL), develops innovative technologies designed to serve the retail automotive market. Our flagship product Service Drive Concierge™ (SDC) is used by hundreds of the top US dealerships to improve the service experience and generate revenue from the service drive by better connecting the Sales Advisor in real time.

As dealers began looking at other ways to use SDC, MDL created Zonal Tracking which extends the functionality of vehicle tracking through a variety of dealership chokepoints both on the main lot and external lots. Zonal Tracking can be used for the automated capture of vehicle passage data for both service and inventory vehicles. For service cars, this data can be used for a variety of reporting such as Cycle Time Analysis.

We are proud to work with a wide body of sophisticated dealers such as:

Sewell, Park Place, Mercedes Benz of Manhattan, Audi Manhattan, BMW Manhattan, Lexus of Orlando, Fletcher Jones, and Sonic representing nearly every brand.