Choke-Point & Shop In/Out Vehicle Tracking

Off Site Lot Tracking

MDL Mobile App w/ Zonal Lookup

MDL Mobile App w/ Zonal Lookup

Do you spend time trying to find either a guest or inventory vehicle? You are not alone.

Service Advisors and Sales Advisors lose many hours in any given week trying to locate a vehicle. Let’s face it, walking around a lot looking for a car is a waste of time and bad service.

How it Works

MDL provides a better solution to solve this problem.

Shop Tracking - In & Out

Shop Tracking – In & Out

This uses the same premise as the ‘toll pass’ to indicate the last zone the vehicle passed through.

MDL records complete zone passage information for each vehicle including date / time, zone name,  and travel direction. MDL can even track vehicle movement during dealership off hours for enhanced security.

Zonal Tracking Will…

  • Better control your retail inventory
  • Track your service cars in and out of the shop for Cycle Time Analysis
  • Allow location of guest and retail vehicles faster
  • Provide detailed vehicle movement information with bread crumb trail
  • Allow segmentation of your lot into logical zones for simplified tracking