Real-time Automotive
Tracking & Location

with Dispatch Master™

Dispatch Master™
Create Efficiencies Instantly

How much time does it take to bring a car to the technicians bay?
How much waiting goes on each and every day in your operations?
What about bringing a client’s car back to the Service Drive?

In early 2011, MDL was commissioned by the country’s largest Mercedes-Benz facility covering over 7 acres of multi-level space in the heart of New York City. It is one of the most technologically advanced Mercedes-Benz stores in the country. The resulting project produced our latest RFID enabled product – Dispatch Master – now available for the general marketplace of innovative dealerships.

Are you ready to make serious change and achieve massive time savings?

How Dispatch Master Works

Dealerships can opt to use existing RFID tags already placed on client vehicles and ‘dispatch’ vehicles by partial VIN or by using an RFID enabled ‘hat’ tag.

Dispatch Master can be used with clients using MDL’s Zonal Tracking software to track every movement of the vehicle within the facility or as it passes choke points at external lot locations. It can also be used as a stand-alone solution to enhance communications with cashiers, greeters, and porters.

The Benefits

MDL autoMation’s Dispatch Master will enable your dealership to;

~Save money by eliminating technician wait time
~Increase technician throughput per day
~Improve CSI & general customer satisfaction
~Streamline client vehicle deliveries back to the drive
~Enhance service drive operations from improved vehicle traffic
~Provide real time vehicle movements between locations