Car Wash Tracking & Management

with Car Wash Concierge™

Car Wash Concierge™

A typical dealership spends $5 or more to wash a customer’s car either as part of their service visit or as part of the store’s complimentary car wash benefit. Yet this remains one of the store’s least tracked operations which also has the ability to be a profit maker instead of a recurring cost to the dealership.

Dealer’s typically don’t have the time to manually scan each VIN going through the car wash.This is where Car Wash Concierge™ can serve as a revenue generating, and retention, tool. We can help you transform your car wash from a cost center to a profit center!

VIN Level Wash Analytics

With MDL’s Car Wash Concierge™ solution, you can automatically track every car going through your wash with no human interaction needed. It’s all automatic with data loading into MDL’s data warehouse for opportunity mining in both Sales and Service. Simple Export to Excel allows you to manipulate the data any way you want for revenue generation, retention mining, and marketing.

Car Wash Concierge – Export to Excel

MDL provides complete export to Excel functionality which delivers to you all the data to make your car wash a revenue generator. Below is a list of optional fields which you can utilize as you export your car wash activity report:

*Field values are only available with customers existing in your DMS.

  • Wash Date
  • Appt. Date / Time
  • Customer Number*
  • Customer Name*
  • VIN
  • RFID Tag #*
  • Has RO?*
  • RO Number*
  • Last RO Date*
  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Color
  • Last Miles*
  • Has Appointment
  • Service Advisor ID*
  • Service Adviser Name*
  • Purchased at Dealer
  • Sold Date*
  • Lease End Date*
  • Payments Left*
  • AutoAlert Data Links:*
  • Alert Type
  • Alert Priority
  • AutoAlert Deep Link URL (taking to the deal page in AutoAlert)
  • automotiveMastermind BPS™*
Discovering Sales Opportunities
Car Wash Concierge™

Some of the benefits to your sales department include;

Detailed record of how many times your customers are using your wash operation which can then be used as a benefit tool when negotiating with the customer.

Wash tracking fully integrated with Sales Analytic tools such as AutoAlert, automotiveMastermind, Elead1one™, and RevenueRadar™

Market to customers using your car wash even if they haven’t purchased at your dealership.

Discovering Service Opportunities
Car Wash Concierge™

Some of the benefits to your service department include;

Message to service advisors upon service wash completions.

Customer lookup opportunities with your OEM database for open recalls and overdue service maintenance.

Realtime Understanding of Wait Times

With Car Wash Concierge™, MDL can provide you with data regarding actual car wash wait times based on initial service drive scans and vehicle car wash exit scans.

Process Implementation

MDL doesn’t just give you the technology to succeed. We also provide process related consulting services, at no additional cost to you, to create a road-map for turning your car wash into a profit center month after month. Our solutions combined with your motivated staff is 100% proven to create consistent revenue and increased customer retention.