MDL’s Automated Guest Recognition, Vehicle Tracking, and Lot Management solutions are integrated with the industry leaders in Predictive Analytics, Service Tablets, Loaner Management, and more. Each integration is designed to increase the value of our respective products, and our solutions provide the power of instant guest recognition within each of our partners’ tools.


When a customer pulls into your service department, the tiny clock inside their head immediately starts ticking. Every time they have to tell a greeter their name and appointment only to have to repeat it all to a service adviser, every minute they spend waiting for a car wash to be completed or a loaner brought around, every precious second wasted–it all adds up. The result: Another bad consumer survey and a hit to your CSI.

AutoAlert is the industry’s leading data-mining and trade-cycle management platform AlertMiner, focused on helping dealerships identify high-quality sales opportunities, increase gross margin, and improve customer retention. With its recent One-to-One Intelligent Marketing solution, clients now have access to a comprehensive, multi-channel marketing platform that leverages consumer data, as well as precision-targets their top opportunities with strategically-deployed communications, personalized URLs, and call tracking and monitoring.  Offering real-time tracking and reporting, AutoAlert’s latest solution gives dealers the ability to communicate the right offer to the right customer at exactly the right time, resulting in increased sales.Additionally, the versatility of Pando, AutoAlert’s innovative communication and collaboration platform, significantly improves workflow and productivity throughout dealerships.

Founded in 2002 and a pioneer in equity mining and client engagement, AutoAlert continues to lead the market with its focus on delivering the best opportunities, reducing overall marketing and advertising expenses for dealers, and improving the customer experience.

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automotiveMastermind set out to revolutionize the way automotive dealerships find, engage and win customers by successfully leveraging Big Data behavioral analytics. The company’s proprietary technology mines years of customer, service, and market data to help dealerships better understand and predict exactly which customers are ready to buy, the reasons why, and the key offers and incentives most likely to close the sale.

Its micro-marketing engine customizes the dealer’s message to fit the customer’s needs and prepare salespeople to have brand-adequate intelligent conversations every time they interact with customers. automotiveMastermind’s core dealer team consists of high-volume sales experts and executives with an intimate understanding of the complicated automotive sales process and the unique pain points of dealerships and sales teams. automotiveMastermind is proven to generate more sales, grow your business and increase customer satisfaction.

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Carfax, a unit of IHS Markit (Nasdaq: INFO), helps millions of people every day confidently shop, buy, own and sell used cars with innovative solutions powered by Carfax vehicle history information. The expert in vehicle history since 1984, Carfax provides exclusive services like Carfax Used Car Listings, myCarfaxCarfax History-Based Value and the flagship Carfax® Vehicle History Report™ to consumers and the automotive industry. Carfax owns the world’s largest vehicle history database and is a nationally recognized top workplace by The Washington Post and Become a myCarfax Service Shop at or call 888-655-5362. Based in London, IHS Markit is a world leader in critical information, analytics and solutions.

As part of our 3PA relationship with CDK Global, we have integrated MDL with CDK Global ServiceEdge℠. This exciting, new technology automatically recognizes a customer vehicle as they arrive at the dealership. This recognition helps speed up the Repair Order write up process and allow Service Advisors to track their guest vehicles as they pass by any RFID monitored choke point. No more waiting for updates or calling around – it’s all right there in front of them.  Integration with CDK Global ServiceEdge will provide a better experience for everyone involved.

Since 2005, AutoLoop’s commitment to “Retention Through Engagement” has helped automotive dealerships nationwide increase sales, improve client retention and achieve overall higher satisfaction ratings. With an all-encompassing platform that monitors customer DMS activity in real-time, AutoLoop automatically triggers personalized custom messages through voice, email, SMS and direct mail to precisely targeted customers. An Inc. 500 company with over 35 million names in our database and nearly a billion individual communications initiated, AutoLoop is passionate about becoming America’s best customer retention partner for progressive dealerships.

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Dealer-FX is transforming how consumers interact with automotive brands and their retailers. Our customer experience management platform uses advanced data analysis and mobile applications to deliver convenience, transparency and trust to consumers, and increased efficiency, profitability, retention and brand loyalty to OEMs and dealers. Dealer-FX’s core offering, ONE Platform, is comprised of seven components, which along with the Service Dashboard, manage the entire service experience from initial contact through drive-off and to next visit. It delivers the best dealer service experience. Period.

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Since 2001, DealerSocket has provided the automotive industry with the most comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and training solutions available, allowing auto dealers to save time and money, and improve sales staff effectiveness, with one consolidated product. With the power to manage sales, service, CSI, marketing and training, DealerSocket is the complete source for all customer-facing automotive dealership departments.

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Dealertrack Technologies’ intuitive and high-value web-based software solutions and services enhance efficiency and profitability for all major segments of the automotive retail industry, including dealers, lenders, OEMs, third-party retailers, aftermarket providers and other service providers. In addition to the industry’s largest online credit application network, connecting more than 20,000 dealers with more than 1,500 lenders, Dealertrack Technologies delivers the industry’s most comprehensive solution set for automotive retailers, including Digital Marketing, Dealer Management System (DMS), Inventory, F&I Solutions and Registration and Titling solutions.

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The most intelligent and intuitive dealership software available in today’s automotive market, ELEAD1ONE helps dealers achieve unmatched results in increased sales and profit, lead generation, communication, sales process and complete lifecycle management. The company’s automotive virtual BDC and CRM are the foundations of their unique and successful profit-building strategies.

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KEYper® Systems, founded in 1992, is committed to manufacturing the highest quality and most efficient key and asset control systems for your organization. They manufacture, as well as support a complete product line of both mechanical and electronic systems. These patented systems increase operational efficiency, reduce liability, and create a culture of accountability. KEYper® is renowned for their in-house industry-leading customer service and support. KEYper® is fully integrated with MDL’s Bloodhound™ Bluetooth Vehicle Location system.

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MyCustomerData successfully serves the automotive industry where customer acquisition, retention and recapturing are critically important to the automotive dealership. The company is guided by a deep understanding of the customer lifecycle management process, overseeing prospect-to-customer relationships for over 1,000 dealerships in the United States and Canada. Through the implementation of proprietary technology and data management systems, award-winning marketing strategies and uncompromised client support, MyCustomerData continues to architect the next generation of automotive customer lifecycle management solutions.

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myKaarma is a software company that focuses on enhancing the retail experience for the service departments of car dealerships.  The myKaarma application gives the dealership the ability to offer 21st century technology such as, a digital point of sale system, mobile payments, and bi-directional texting, calling, email all in one application that is integrated with their current software systems.  Enabling the dealership with the conveniences of the myKaarma Application have proven to drastically improve retention by increasing customer satisfaction, and have saved dealership’s thousands of dollars by removing inefficiencies in the dealership.

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MOC1solutions “the Fixed Ops SDS™ platform” leverages 5 unique software modules — SCHEDULE, WRITE, INSPECT, TRACK, and RETAIN — into a powerful unified solution that significantly increases the efficiency, consistency and transparency of the automotive service and repair business. While MOC1 Solutions continues to sell its best-in-class SDS™ products individually, a key differentiator of MOC1’s software suite is the ability to offer an integrated, comprehensive “all-in-one” platform designed specifically for the fixed operations business. MOC1 software is DMS and hardware agnostic, meaning it is able to integrate with any dealer management system and function on most any hardware.

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re:member group is the industry leader in customer loyalty solutions, and specializes in building custom points programs that are designed to connect personally with customers, entice them to act, and connect with them in meaningful ways. Since 2002, re:member group has built fully-branded programs that increase customer visits and spending in both the Service bays and Sales floors of dealerships nationwide.

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MDL is fully RCI certified to access your Reynolds & Reynolds data in a secured manner. Our certification allows access to both the ERA™ and Power™ systems. You can verify MDL’s certification status on the Reynolds & Reynolds RCI partner page.

Since it’s inception more than seven years ago, Text2DriveTM has established itself as the premier text communications gateway between auto dealers & their customers. The key to its success has been its unrivaled ease of use and legal compliance. Text2Drive was co-founded by an attorney with intimate knowledge of the FCC and the TCPA. Engineered for legal compliance, the platform meets all Federal regulations. Hundreds of dealers, service directors and parts managers across the nation trust and rely on Text2Drive every day.

Text2DriveTM offers a suite of features designed to help auto dealership Sales and Service Departments save time, improve productivity, reduce operational costs, and increase profitability. These features include Automation, Interactivity, Multi-Messaging and Mobile Bill Payment. See for yourself why Text2DriveTM is the leader in the auto industry communications landscape and the preferred choice for text messaging.

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For more than 25 years, TSD has specialized in technology and solutions for vehicle rental and fleet management businesses. TSD has developed industry-leading web-based software such as TSD RENTAL.NET Management Software, TSD LOANER Management Software. TSD is a 100% EXCLUSIVE partner to MDL for guest loaner recognition.

TSD’s software is available as on-demand hosted solutions (SaaS), providing rental operators and dealerships with application and database access over the Internet.

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Xtime, a Cox Automotive™ brand, delivers retention solutions for the automotive retail industry. Xtime, headquartered in Silicon Valley, is the exclusive or preferred provider for 24 major global automotive manufacturers in the United States, Canada and Australia, as well as leading dealership groups, and services 7,000 dealerships.

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