IoT Guest Recognition &
Vehicle Management Services

Improve CSI, customer retention, and efficiency with MDL’s tailored solutions for automotive dealers. Our innovative solutions for Automated Guest Recognition, Lot Management, and Vehicle Tracking push the boundaries of IoT vehicle technology.

MDL autoMation offers innovative solutions for Automated Guest Recognition (Service Drive Concierge) and Lot Management (Bloodhound) including tracking and monitoring the health of your inventory through end-to-end integrations with your existing dealer technologies such as DMS, Loaner, CRM, Equity, CIM, Key Control, and Tire Scanning. MDL’s Mobile App provides improved CSI/SSI, increased sales, higher efficiency, and customer retention.

Service Drive Concierge (SDC) provides automated customer arrival information (personal and loaner vehicles) using RFID or License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology. Benefits of SDC include improved CSI/SSI, increased sales, time and cost reductions and higher customer retention.

MDL Bloodhound is a powerful IoT-based inventory and lot management solution that provides real-time vehicle location and movement tracking, as well as vehicle health, including battery levels and CANBUS error codes.

MDL AutoEquity (MAE) is a cutting-edge equity mining tool designed to automate most of the daily tasks required to effectively mine your customer base for sales opportunities. AutoEquity identifies valid customers  that still own their vehicles, have not moved, and aren’t out of their lease.

RFID Dealer Tracking with Dispatch Master

Comprehensive dealer tracking has never been easier! Dispatch Master, coupled with our RFID-based vehicle recognition solutions, provides real-time dealership lot management and tracking to increase technician throughput, improve customer experience, and streamline client vehicle delivery.


MDL mobile applications are powerful connected solutions to your customers, staff, and inventory. Our apps allow total control and management of your solution for tailored data access. Receive real time arrival, car wash, loaner return, and zonal movement alerts coupled with vehicle location mapping using our Bloodhound™ Bluetooth beacon solution.

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