Improve CSI, customer retention, and efficiency with MDL’s tailored solutions for automotive dealers. Our innovative solutions for Automated Guest Recognition, Lot Management, and Vehicle Tracking push the boundaries of IoT vehicle technology.

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MDL autoMation is the industry leader for improving dealership CSI, efficiency, management, and tracking. Our unrivaled technology and solutions allows us to boost the performance and bottom line of your dealership service drive, lot oversight, and customer service through IoT technology and automation.


Automotive IOT Car Tracking Services and Solutions - MDL Automation

Car Tracking

We offer comprehensive automated car tracking solutions with complete insight and real-time data as cars move across the lot.

Automated IOT Automotive Guest Recognition Services - MDL Automation

Guest Recognition

Our guest recognition services improve customer service, improve service drive efficiency, and provide real-time access to customer data.

Car Lot Process Management and Solutions - MDL Automation

Process Management

Automate your lot processes and actions with improved management capabilities, real-time reporting, and sales analytics.

Automated Inventory Management and Car lot Tracking - MDL Automation

Lot Tracking

Never walk the lot again looking for car! With realtime lot tracking you gain increased oversight and efficiency.

Dealership Efficiency consulting and improvement - MDL autoMation

Dealership Efficiency

Improve every aspect of your management and services with increased efficiency using cutting edge technology to provide real-time insights.

Automated Automotive Inventory Auditing - MDL Automation

Automated Auditing

Automate your lot audits using technology designed specifically to reduce labor, time, and cost associated with inventory auditing.


Service Drive Concierge - By MDL Automation 2019

Service Drive Concierge

MDL’s Service Drive Concierge™ is the most successful product in automotive for instantly recognizing your service customers from the moment they arrive enabling you to begin a 5 star level of personalized service and sales interaction in order to increase retention, improve processes, and produce more sales from your service drive.

Bloodhound - Car Lot Tracking & Management By MDL autoMation 2

MDL Bloodhound

MDL autoMation’s revolutionary solution to Dealer inventory lot management.  Using state of the art IoT (Internet of Things) technology,  Bloodhound provides real-time GPS-based location, extensive fleet battery management, dealership tracking, and event alerts. Simply plug the Bloodhound device into the OBD-II port and have real-time access to the VIN, location and vehicle status.

Zonal Vehicle Tracking for Automotive Dealers - MDL autoMation 1

Zonal Vehicle Tracking

Do you spend time trying to find either a guest or inventory vehicle? You’re not alone.

Service Advisors and Sales Advisers lose many hours in any given week trying to locate a vehicle. Let’s face it, walking around a lot, looking for a car, is a waste of time and just bad customer service.

Car Wash Concierge - MDL autoMation


Expedite your car wash service with best-in-class vehicle tracking and automation design for automotive dealers. Identify new sales opportunities from conquest, dynamically great customers, and keep operators and managers up-to-date with real-time tracking and data!

Dispatch Master - Improve lot Control - By MDL autoMation 1

Dispatch Master™

Dealerships can opt to use existing RFID tags already placed on client vehicles and ‘dispatch’ vehicles by partial VIN or by using an RFID enabled ‘hat’ tag.

Dispatch Master can be used with clients using MDL’s Zonal Tracking software to track every movement of the vehicle within the facility or as it passes choke points at external lot locations. It can also be used as a stand-alone solution to enhance communications with cashiers, greeters, and porters.


  • Matt Krappe
    Herb Chambers BMW/Mini

    MDL has changed the way we run our operation. Not only are our guests wowed by seeing their name on the big screen when they pull in, it has increased our efficiency at locating their cars upon pickup. Being in a major metro area, MDL has been invaluable to us.

  • Geoffrey D. Meeker
    General Manager, Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead

    At a dealership, it is a constant challenge to minimize the element of human error in every transaction. MDL autoMation does just that.

  • Anthony Segreto
    Audi Coral Springs

    We utilize SDC every day to engage the service customer in ways we could not previously do. SDC has become a core component for us to garner new sales by connecting our Sales Advisors with the service customer. The SDC notifications of customers in the drive is invaluable, and we can safely point to an average 10% sales lift each month compared to before we had MDL in our store.