Track vehicles, improve your operations, and increase customer retention with MDL’s IoT solutions for automotive dealers.

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Our innovative solutions for Vehicle Tracking, Lot Management, and Automated Guest Recognition boost the performance and bottom line of your service drive and sales department. We help our clients acquire and retain customers by simplifying vehicle management and improving guest experience.

  • MDL has changed the way we run our operation. Not only are our guests wowed by seeing their name on the big screen when they pull in, it has increased our efficiency at locating their cars upon pickup. Being in a major metro area, MDL has been invaluable to us.–Matt Krappe, Herb Chambers BMW/Mini

  • At a dealership, it is a constant challenge to minimize the element of human error in every transaction. MDL autoMation does just that.–Geoffrey D. Meeker, General Manager, Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead

  • We utilize SDC every day to engage the service customer in ways we could not previously do. SDC has become a core component for us to garner new sales by connecting our sales advisors with the service customer. The SDC notifications of customers in the drive is invaluable, and we can safely point to an average 10% sales lift each month compared to before we had MDL in our store.–Anthony Segreto, Audi Coral Springs


Automotive IOT Car Tracking Services and Solutions - MDL Automation

Car Tracking

Our comprehensive automated vehicle tracking solutions provide real-time data and complete insight into vehicle movement and status.

Automated IOT Automotive Guest Recognition Services - MDL Automation

Guest Recognition

Instant guest recognition unlocks the potential for improved customer service, quicker repair order processing, and more sales from the service drive.

Car Lot Process Management and Solutions - MDL Automation

Process Management

Automate your service drive processes and simplify your staff’s decision-making with IoT-delivered insights, real-time reporting, and sales analytics.

Automated Inventory Management and Car lot Tracking - MDL Automation

Lot Tracking

Never waste time again looking for cars! With real-time lot tracking, you gain complete oversight of your entire inventory— even remote lots.

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Dealership Efficiency consulting and improvement - MDL autoMation

Dealership Efficiency

Our cloud-based reporting tools and dashboards help improve RO processing and lot management through our RFID, LPR, and GPS tracking technologies.

Automated Automotive Inventory Auditing - MDL Automation

Automated Auditing

Automate your lot audits using technology designed to substantially reduce overhead costs associated with floor plan auditing. No more clipboards.

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Service Drive Concierge - By MDL Automation 2019

Service Drive Concierge

MDL’s Service Drive Concierge™ (SDC) is the most reliable product in automotive for instantly identifying your service customers. SDC can help you create a more efficient, personalized guest experience, streamline your service processes, and capitalize on sales opportunities that are typically hidden in the service drive.

Bloodhound - Car Lot Tracking & Management By MDL autoMation 2

MDL Bloodhound

MDL’s plug-and-play solution for dealer lot management. Using state-of-the-art IoT (Internet of Things) technology, Bloodhound provides GPS-based vehicle location, event alerts, and proactive battery management. No extensive infrastructure or manual updating required!

Zonal Vehicle Tracking for Automotive Dealers - MDL autoMation 1

Zonal Vehicle Tracking

Do you spend time trying to find either a customer or inventory vehicle? You’re not alone.

Service advisors, sales advisors, technicians, and valets all lose many hours in any given week trying to locate vehicles. And this, of course, means wasted time for your customers. Take back your lost time with Zonal Vehicle Tracking, in just three easy steps.

Car Wash Concierge - MDL autoMation


Turn your car wash into a customer retention and sales tool with Car Wash Concierge. It identifies the vehicles going through your car wash and connects you with customers who might otherwise be invisible:

  • Customers with open recall campaigns and expiring warranties
  • Disengaged customers overdue for a service visit
  • Non-customers abusing free car washes
Dispatch Master - Improve lot Control - By MDL autoMation 1

MDL Dispatch™

MDL Dispatch simplifies moving vehicles around your store. It is a platform that streamlines communications between your staff and cuts down on customer wait times for their vehicles to be delivered.