MDL Bloodhound

Lot Management and Inventory Tracking

Car Lot Tracking and Dealership Management Software - Bloodhound by MDL autoMation


MDL Bloodhound is the industry’s simplest IoT inventory management solution. It provides real-time GPS-based vehicle location tracking, VIN-level lot management, battery monitoring, and event alerts. Bloodhound also drastically reduces the amount of time spent on floor plan auditing. Just plug the Bloodhound module into the car, and it is ready to be tracked. No extensive infrastructure. No manual updating. Just plug and play.


Vehicle Location Management Software - Bloodhound by MDL autoMation

Real-Time Vehicle Location

Bloodhound provides unparalleled dealer lot management with:

  • Real-time vehicle GPS updates
  • Full integration with your DMS
  • Accurate vehicle location integrated with Google Maps
  • One-click offsite lot management
  • Alerts during unauthorized or afterhours vehicle usage
Dealership Mobile App - MDL autoMation

Intuitive Mobile App

The MDL Mobile app places the power of Bloodhound at your fingertips. Easily search for vehicles by:

  • VIN
  • Year, Make, Model
  • Stock Number
  • Condition
  • Lot Details
Dealership Lot Battery Management - Bloodhound MDL autoMation

Battery Management

Avoid expensive battery replacements or lost sales because of dead batteries.

  • Real-time low battery notifications
  • Battery voltage decay histories and exception reporting
  • User-defined notification thresholds
Full Automotive Lot Coverage - Dealer Vehicle Tracking

Seamless Lot Coverage

Our state-of-the-art IoT networking ensures your entire dealership is covered.

  • Simple installation; no extensive infrastructure
  • No manual updating
  • Infinite scalability via a dynamic mesh network

How Does It Work?

Bloodhound modules installed in each vehicle create a mesh network that connects you to each vehicle’s location and battery level. Each module automatically sends updates whenever the vehicle moves, so you don’t have to manually scan anything to update vehicle location. Simply plug in the module, open the MDL Mobile app, and find the car!

Simplified Floor Plan Auditing

Substantially reduce overhead costs associated with locating vehicles, tracking statuses, and floor plan auditing. No more clipboards.

  • Reduces the amount of time spent finding cars during audits
  • Provides a fingerprint for each Bloodhound vehicle
  • Displays the last time a vehicle sent an update
  • Identifies vehicles that haven’t checked in