Buckhead, GA

From Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead’s location on Piedmont Road their dealership serves some of Atlanta’s most discerning residents. They strive to provide the highest level of service through a combination of Mercedes-Benz based training programs and their own internal system of employee training. Their commitment to quality has helped them build an impressive culture geared toward making the customer’s experience second to none within the Mercedes-Benz family of dealerships.

MDL sat down with their Parts and Service Director, James Penney, to discuss why Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead decided to utilize MDL autoMation’s technologies within their facility, and how our solutions fit with their commitment to Customer Service in terms of expediency and personalization for their guests throughout the entire service process. Our discussion with Mr. Penney began with the topic of overall customer care and we quickly learned that dealerships and manufacturers, across the automotive industry, are placing increasing demands on the service department to contribute to both customer retention and new vehicle sales. James stated that MDL’s suite of technologies and services makes this request easier to achieve through the unique engagement and tracking qualities offered via our RF Identification, License Plate Recognition, Web-Dispatching and App-based platforms.

These technologies are components of MDL’s Service Drive Concierge™ (SDC) solution. SDC is integrated with many other service and sales related software solutions in the following categories: DMS, Tablet, Loaner, CRM, CIM, Equity, Loyalty, and Key Tracking. Through real-time messaging a customer can pull into the service drive, be greeted by name, and then rest assured that their vehicle is tracked throughout the service process for a timely completion. In addition, MDL’s Dispatch Master helps dealership personnel know exactly where the customer’s vehicle is via heads-up displays mounted in areas such as the service drive, shop and the detail area. MDL’s software helps the dealership to not only track a customer’s vehicle and message when appropriate, but also assists the dealership in identifying any service and/or time bottlenecks that may be occurring within the facility during the vehicle / customer’s visit.

As we discussed the finer points of the MDL autoMation installation with Mr. Penney we were overlooking the service drive as vehicle and owner information was popping up on 65” monitors, customers were being greeted by name, and alerts being sent to service and sales advisors alike. The result was a swift flowing river of vehicle intake and delivery that was personalized to each owner. All of them, automatically tracked through MDL’s Dispatching tool and available for instant query within the software. This level of asset identification, vehicle tracking, and time management provides a surgically precise way to control your dealership workflow, in incredible ways… Not to mention help to sell more vehicles in the process!

Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead is a prime example of how MDL autoMation’s solution suite provides a seamless and data rich system that allows any dealership to consistently achieve the following;

  • Higher CSI / Loyalty scores
  • Enhanced service process through improved vehicle tracking and messaging capabilities
  • Sell more vehicles from their service department by bringing the service customer together with their sales representative at the right time.

The solution is elegant, easy to use, simple to manage, and customizable to fit your individual dealership needs.

Contact us today for an in-depth discussion regarding your dealership, our technology, and how we can help you achieve your specific goals.

Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead
Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead
James Penney – Mercedes Benz Buckhead
James Penney – Mercedes Benz Buckhead
License Plate Recognition Case Study – MDL Automation
License Plate Recognition Case Study – MDL Automation