Elk Grove, CA – April 2013

Project Profile:

Elk Grove Ford purchased the MDL system in order to help initiate more contact on the service drive with their sales force and with their Service Advisors.

Service Advisors are alerted to a client’s arrival through email and text messaging, as well as custom mini-displays at their desks. This alert creates time efficiencies, and the “crystal-ball” effect of knowing who has arrived and for what reason. Overall, Service Advisors are greeting clients by name and expediting the checkout and turnaround process in the service drive.

Deployment Gear:

  • Two (2) RFID readers for service drive concierge;
  • Five (5) MDL standard antennas on the service drive;
  • MIMO mini displays for appointment and arrival event presentation;
  • Elk Grove Ford also purchased 1 MC55 Scanner to help ensure that all of the cars are tagged efficiently.